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I built this website to have a large part of my life all documented in one place. Sometimes I feel old and wonder what happened to all these years but other times I can’t believe how I’ve accomplished in my 28 years of life.  For example. 27 years ago, I was still pooping my pants and couldn’t walk, talk or read. I’d say I’ve come pretty far.

I, like so many other people here on the internets, am on a journey into a healthy life. I’ve had a fair amount of setbacks in the past 3 years but am doing my best with what I’ve got. It could all be a lot worse though. Thats become somewhat of a mantra in my life. However, I have chosen to approach such things with a sense of humor. If I have to be going through misery, I might as well find a way to laugh about it, right?

My husband, Ryan, always says I forget all the good things. Instagram has proved to be really good for me because it’s true, I do forget all the good things unless I have some visual reminder of them. This site is a home to all the good things in my life so I stop forgetting.

So let’s see what this all becomes.

ABOUTHOLLY-DIVIDERJust in case you’ve stumbled over here without already knowing me, here is the rundown of who I am. Assuming your interested. If not, click here to look at some kitty pictures.

Most people know me as Holly of Ryan and Holly Gauper. I guess that is what you become when you sign on to be a wife. I’ll forever be part of an and….and I actually quite love it. It’s nice. Your never alone when your part of an and. Ryan and I are wedding photographers. We met over a mutual love for photography and started our business, GAUPERphoto, when we got married in 2008. Since then we have had very dramatic highs and very dramatic lows but we are finally evening out and working towards more balance in life.

I went to a private school until 3rd grade and then was homeschooled. After high school I went to Baker College in Muskegon and graduated with my Associates degree in web design. In the long run, that hasn’t done much for me as technology has changed so much since I started in college. I transferred over to Cedarville University in Ohio. This was one the best decisions of my life. Although I worked too hard and was stressed out most of the time, I still had a lot of fun and learned a few really important things. In 2008, I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. School was my life and although it was hard, I really enjoyed learning. I still do and sometimes I even miss college. After graduating, Ryan and I got married and started down the magical road of photography.

Almost 6 years later and I’m still shooting weddings but I’ve been feeling the need to put more time and effort into personal work. I have found I never make time for it and thats such a shame. I think personal work helps grow and shape professional work. Outside of photography and work, I have small artsy fartsy hobbies that I don’t give enough attention to, like watercolor and drawing. I am currently no good but have high hopes for future goodness. Creating photo books for each year we have been married is also very high on my to do list.

I used to be a dog person but Ryan made me into a crazy cat lady. I love our bengal cat, Duma, so much it is just unreasonable. We don’t have kids yet so she is currently playing that role.

Summaries are interesting. In an effort to be brief but to the point, we pull out the most notable things about ourselves. In my case, School, Photography, Marriage, Cats. I guess we learn things about ourselves when we have to boil it down to the most interesting things.